Friendship Day Ideas

Hey Bloggermoms, if you are logging in late for friendship day, why not make it frienship week? Here are some ideas to celebrate friends

  • Email old friends and new, maybe with a card
  • Leave a message on your social network to all friends
  • Post old friend pics of you and some friends on your social networking site
  • Email a friend one or two cool things you like about him or her
  • Visit a friend this week
  • Write an email to your friend rembering a funny incident you remember from your GOD (Good old days) which he or she may have forgotten
  • Take a friend a special treat
  • Call a friend
  • Ahem….I had to say this….blog about a friend right here!

You know friends come in all shapes and sizes and forms – Moms, cousins, sisters, can all be friends. So celebrate!

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