Funniest questions I was asked in office about India

  1. How do you like sleeping in beds here (apparently we all sleep on floors in India)
  2. Do kids run around naked at homes without diapers
  3. Do you know my friend Amit who is also an Indian (no, there are about a billion Indians in the world)
  4. Did you get married in a jungle (really, I was asked this!)

I dont think these questions show bias, the people who asked them were often the nicest. But just a lack of knowledge. What were some of yours about  your country?

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  1. Maya

    Need to add to your list..

    1. In India, do kids walk to school or do they ride on the elephant?

    2. Do you know the whole snake-charming gig?

    I remember once at work, Jim – our IT guy, came over to hand over a new blackberry (bb) to me.
    So he gives me the bb and asks me to start it…the hitch was that he hadn’t given me the password in the first place… so I just kept the bb in front of me on the table, closed my eyes, folded my hands together and pretended to be in a
    spiritual stupor…
    “What are you doing?” Jim asked me. “Well”, I responded, “Since you didn’t give me the password but want me to figure it out anyways, I am using my telepathy skills that we all kids in India learn when we practice yoga, to get this thing going! Though it might be easier if you give it to me since its been a while and my sixth-sense is a bit rusted…”

    Jim got the message and I had a good laugh đŸ˜‰

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