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So a friend gave my son chutes and ladders for his birthday. And it took me back to the time in my own childhood when I would play ‘snakes and ladders’ as it was then called and other games. Werent they fun? I personally loved the ladders and hated the snakes, but isnt that the point of the game.

Nowadays there are DVDs in cars but I still think they are great for long drives and time with family and friends.

And I was thinking of others I can teach my sonĀ  and his friends –

  • Antakshari – this is a unique Indian game I think where the next person has to think of a song starting with the letter the first person’s song ends with. And it goes in a chain, and you can decide what kids of songs you like – kids, hindi, bangla, english etc.
  • Name, place, animal, thing – One person gets to choose an alphabet and all the rest have to think of a name of a person, a place, an animal and a thing with that alphabet and write it down. After 30 s we compare results
  • 20 questions – you think of something in a category (say the name of a film star) and the other person or people have to figure out in 20 yes or no questions what the person is
  • Story, story – one person starts a story and others have to continue it. This was one of my favorites and you get pretty wacky stuff
  • Tic tac toe – of course
  • Think or all words you can with an alphabet, say a, c, c etc
  • And of course board games like Clue

What games did you play? What were your favorites?

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  1. Anonymous

    We played Boxes – you draw a maze of dots, usually in square or rectangle shape. Each player keeps making a line joining two neiboring dots. You alternate turns till you get a box. Once you get a box, your turn continues till you stop getting boxes. The one with most boxes win.

  2. Anonymous

    So many games on the road – we played I spy or count the number of white cars you see

  3. Khushi

    Thank you for your comments. Grest ideas both of you. I played boxes too. And I spy I have just started with my son.

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