Georgia mountains

Hi Ya’ll I want to share this video we made last December, whene we stayed in the Georgia Mountains in a cabin close to the little German town called “Helen”. Helen is located in the north Georgia mountains close to North Carolina. The cabin was awesome, it had a jacuzzi, hot tubs, play room, cable, the works, and the best thing , if you reserve with plenty of time, (couple of weeks in advance) you can get the cabin almost at the same rate than a hotel. Not Kidding. You can go to Google and find good deals in there!!YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Priya

    I have never been to Helen..Heard the place is beautiful..I love the cabin that you got. My parents are here maybe I should take them there.They would love it.

  2. winfried

    Im sure theyt would love it priya! Its so peaceful and you are in nature but also a few minutes from Helen! Look I found info about the cabins!!:

    I really recomend it!


  3. Priya

    I will definetly check them out..thanks

  4. Khushi Mommy

    The cabin looks awesome. I did not know there were good cabins this close. We had gone to the smoky mountains and booked a cabin there. THis is so much more convenient.

  5. winfried

    Yes Kushi, and they also allow pets which was very convinient for us, since we have two small dogs too. In the basement we had ping-pong table, pool table and darts. You really can not go wrong on this!

  6. Anonymous

    This looks awesome! We want to go there too..just the right thing for a family get-together.
    Thanks for sharing the video!

  7. Decatur Hillybilly

    This is none too far from decatur, so maybe worth a trip. Looks like Mr.O is on a roll, Winfried.

  8. winfried

    Anonymous, You are very welcome Im glad u like the video! Regards


    It is worth a trip! Even the Rednecks are nice hahahahaha

    O 08..!!! ;0)

  9. Lisa

    This video was awesome.. I have to make that trip.. Winfried, please post more of your adventures.

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