Getting ready for work…

I had a work meeting this week. So that means I had to wash my hair. And then dry it. So that left me with no time before breakfast.

Here’s what I did –


Wash, dry, comb, attempt to curl

Rub Clinique dramatically different moisturiser on face

Dab liquid make up on with cotton balls ( to protect hands and nice white blouse from make up stains)

Try to apply new liquid eye liner (spill on dry cleaned white blouse, change white blouse to unwashed tan blouse which does not match)

Apply eye liner again

Put mascara, lipstick aside to apply at red lights

Forget mascara and lipstick while running down shouting instructions to kids on spring break

Polish shoes with paper towel


Realise absence of mascara and lipstick at first red light (no turning back now)

Find old blush in car and try to make up for the missing ingredients, creating an alarmed look.

Try rubbing off blush at next red light with old takeout napkin

In the process remove makeup

Hit highway

Reach destination looking ‘natural’.

 Whats your beaty regimen?

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  1. lydia

    I always skip the eyeliner as it always get smudged by the before the end of the day…

  2. winfried

    I cut my hair real short (#2) I look very sexy!!

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