Gifts for kids in the US when coming from India

Some of my friends read my last post on what gifts to take for babies and toddlers in India if you are making a trip back home and suggested I write this. Now, since I am no expert in these matters, these are my suggestions. Do add yours to the list.

  • Colorful Indian Toys – traditional wooden toys, maybe hand painted Rajasthani horses
  • Colorful wall decorations for kids rooms – animals, maybe with zari work or bells are good. Mirror work is also pretty cool
  • CDs in the kids traditional language, epsecially any kids CDs that have come out. My parents got me some Krishna CDs which the babe enjoys though he asks a lot of questions about
  • Cool clothes from local stores – Note, this does not need to be Indian clothes. In fact, most Indian kids have many Indian clothes. But some of the designs in India are European inspired and different from US. The babe’s clothes have got a lot of praise. Also, when you get clothes for girls, check the lace as the lace hurts many times ( I could never wear those clothes as a kid in India myself)
  • Musical instruments, traditional kinds, like flutes or drums you can pull behind you and they drum along if you know what I mean
  • Cheap jewelry for older girls like painted bangles etc
  • Turbans or other head gear
  • Seasonal items like dias or pichkaris
  • Animal figures like elephants, camels etc, specially gorgeous painted ones
  • Of course, sweets like barfi!

What else? Will write more as I think of them. Do add your suggestions in the comments.


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  1. Anonymous

    What about pretty boxes to store things? Kids usually like those

  2. malini

    These days wooden toys are the latest adition in the market. As kids are prepared for pre-school / montessori concept from a very early (1.6 years to start with), I prefer buying a lot of activity toys which can be fun and well as useful in learning things (like colours, shapes, sizes, animals, fruits, etc.) easily

  3. Khushi

    Anonymous and Malini, thank you for your suggestions. I would love to see the wooden toys around activity. There is a big move here away from plastic.

  4. Maggie

    My husband recently brought one of those pull behind drum toys back from India for my son. I loved it, and so did he, even though it made so much noise. Unfortunately he pulled the two drum stick pieces, plus the small cross stick, off this morning, and I, for the life of me, can’t figure out how to fix it. Do you have any pictures of yours (if it’s still working?) I’d love to get these pieces back on it so it works again.

    Thank you!

  5. Khushi

    Maggie, I am glad you liked the toy, but I am not sure about the picture. Ours has long joined the set of out of action toys.
    Sorry could not be of more help.

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