Gifts to take back for babies and toddlers in India

Ok, bloggermons, years ago probably it used to be easy to get gifts for toddlers and babies on your ‘gift list’ as you planned your trip to India or while flying back from your business trip. Well, given globalization and the abundance of high quality products in India and the differences in lifestyle, you get great products in India now. So its not as easy. But just based on my recent trip, there are a few things that I think may be good buys. So below is a list.

Travel Potty – This contraption is very useful to moms in India I think as the bathrooms when you are up and about are sometimes less than desirably clean. The travel potty folds up into a convenient carry bag, and you can carry hand sanitizers, plastic bags, diapers etc in the bag compartment. You dont have to worry about unfamiliar flushes and toilet seats when up and about with this one and since you dont have to attach it to an outside toilet, it stays relatively clean. Add some wipes and plastic bags, and its a cool gift.

Tool Box – The kids tool box, like you can get at Home Depot or Toys R Us packs a variety of tools in a compact case. I did not see good tool boxes with similar finshes in India and I am sure kids would like it there.

Crocs and jibbitz – Three months ago the craze hadnt caught on and the babe got many admiring comments for his Jibitz. Plus the kids can slip then on so easily on their own and its good for summer.

Baby Gyms – the kind that maybe folds into a tunner for future toddler use. They dont occupy so much space and is a cool new things for newborns rather than just clothes.

Baby Bjorn or Baby slings – This may not be as useful as nanny’s are common and lug babies around when moms are otherwise busy. But still, its a new thing and helps keep the moms hands free at home, even in the car or outside shopping.

Sleep Sacks – There are cool cotton ones for the summer and warmer ones for the winter. Just zip up baby and you dont have to worry about baby throwing off the blanket or crawling out of yours. Since most people cosleep may not be as great for the night. But reasonably priced and good for naps anyway, specially when kids are young.

Throw and close pacifiers – available at Babies R Us and probably Target as well, these paci’s close when thrown. Just something a little exotic.

Baby Bottle Liners – I never used these since I mostly nursed the babe but they are so convenient for travel.

Stroller Swivelers – or those colorful hooks that hanf from stroller handles for diaper bags or moms purse. Just handy, cheap in price and a little different.

There are others like disposable place mats, especially the kind that has a little groove that goes on the edge of the table to collect spills or Trumpette Mary Janes and other socks – a it expensive but very cute.

And if you have a lot of space – I have seen moms take these back – an inflatable swimming pool 🙂 or similar backyard gear.

I am no expert. Do add any ideas that have worked for you or you think would be great in India. Indian moms – please add what you find useful as well. Also, I would love to have you join the site and let us know your thoughts, or at least in the comments.

In general, I would say buy what you would for a baby here in the US. Irresistably cute clothes and blankets, baby brain toys etc. But a few things I had to keep reminding myself.

  • You get great brands in India now, so brand awareness is high, and everything is of course available for review on the web.
  • Very often in India moms have nannies or maids to help them, so many of the self help tools are not as useful (it may be a gift for the maid!)
  • Cosleeping is the norm.
  • Feeding solids is a whole different game. Not as much into high chairs outside the home. Also the help at home helps!
  • There is still (thankfully) a lot of conservation and recycling. So I would honor that and maybe reduce disposables.

From my trip back – the humble wipe stood out, but I am not sure anyone would want to gift wipes!!!

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  1. Anonymous

    I like the ideas. I think also some Baby Einstein toys and CDs are good

  2. Sudha

    I think the ideas are good. But you know all moms in India dont cospleep and all

  3. Khushi

    Thank you for your comments, Anonymous and Sudha. I know the gift guidelines are generic. I should probably move it to the end – done!

  4. Indrani

    Good ideas. I love the travel potty the most for obvious reasons mentioned.

  5. Khushi

    Thanks Indrani. Yes, I think I will send one back on my next trip

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