Glowing Baby fair skin tips

I would write here some of the tips that my grandma told me for your baby to have a good skin

1.Mix Kasthoori Manjal( you will get that in any Indian store) with equal amount of milk.Massage in face or whole body

2. Mix Kasthoori Manjal with oil .

3.In Kerala , you will get the Kaveri baby fairness oil.Its a product by Pankaja kasthoori which is gaining high popularity

4. Massage almond oil.

5. Massage olive oil

6 Mix equal amounts of lime juice and honey and massage in face

You guys are more than welcome to add to this list 🙂 Please let us know if you want some periodic updates on these and other posts.

Also, dont forget to read the comments below for some great suggestions. Go to my other post about Kasthoori Manjal.

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  1. Anonymous

    my baby is six months old and fair I want oil which can maintain her colour

  2. marufa

    my baby girl is very dark.please give me some tips or fairness product name for my one month baby.please please please.

  3. Roopa

    Hii I have girl baby nw she is 6months her colour is black pl give me fainess tips or any oil or soap pl pl

  4. Но на этот вопрос есть однозначный ответ. Самая лучшая поза для зачатия ребенка – это догги-стайл (мужчина сзади, на коленях или в народе именуемая «поза раком»). Позы для маникюра весьма разнообразны, так как возможности человеческого тела позволяют попробовать самые разнообразные из них. Сексологи утверждают, что различные позы для маникюра позволят сделать интимную жизнь более богатой и насыщенной, а также помогут подобрать то, что наиболее подходит к анатомическому и физиологическому строению каждого из партнеров, а также предупредить разнообразные психологические комплексы. Наш женский журнал собрал для вас коллекцию из самых распространенных и оптимальных парфюмерных поз.

  5. Rupali mhatre

    I have baby girl now she is 8 month her colour is black plz giv me fairness tips

  6. Sangita

    I have a baby girl now she is 11 months her colour is dark please suggest me 

  7. reshma kumbhar

    My dauter is 15 months her color is blACk please suggest me.

  8. Arun

    I have 2 year baby girl & she having very less hair so please suggest to improve her hair & glowing skin

  9. Mahadevi.P

    my baby was old 5month, now she getting color darkness, could you please tell suggest to be baby skin color increase and glowing skin

  10. Baby s dark and he s 3 month old plz suggest me something

  11. I have a 2 years old baby,she is having less  hair ..and also her color is black .so pls tell me what can I baby.pls would you tell me?

  12. Anonymous

    Hi…my baby is 2+ yrs old…can I use kasthuri manual method for her to get fair skin???? Pls reply as soon as possible


  14. Anonymous

    My 3 month baby which is black …but am very hus and  family is to fair my baby??which is used to fair??any homemaid receipyy??plz reply

  15. pushpa

    I have 4 months  girl  baby  she born time in white colour now she
    Change darker 

  16. ashwini

    I have a 2 year girl baby now a days she skin colour become dall and dark @she have a dry skin plsss inform me how I want to take care of my angel glowing skin

  17. meghana

    My son is 4 months he is black I am using kaveri kasturi manjal fairness oil frm tamil nadu but no use of this. For this only can we miss olive oil are tell me some other fairness oil plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 

  18. the one and only best remedy is should take fruits daily and walnut ,pista ,dry grapes all dry fruits will help to improve your babies skin

  19. anusha

    i have 18 months baby she born time in white now she change darker

  20. Pooja

    My baby is became dark born fair n he is 4month old

  21. Anonymous

    Hi All,

    Most of them will tell not to worry about complextion because they are fair as a parent we know the feeling of baby dark skin.

    If we dont worry about complextion also people arroud us will hurt.

    Please if you dont give any tips also no problem but dont ever repeat the indian are worried about complextion.

  22. Jennifer

    Physiotherapy makes the baby skin colour to darker.

  23. Anonymous

    People tells that it a geen but I dont agree with this. I have a neigbour where whole family is veryyyyyyyy dark but the baby is very very fair.

    If any one want to give tips please give but dont give stupid advice. That dont worry, day by day the colour will change all bla bla bla…..

    Dont you this we dont have any other work to ask tips and get only advice..

  24. Varsha amit chikate

    My baby is 3 years old. When she was born her skin was fair but now she is becoming darker. Please suggest me some tips for her skin to become fair.

  25. asmita

    i have 2year boy can i use kasturi manjal with olive oil for his fairness

  26. Krishna

    I have 4years baby.when she was born her skin was fair but now she is becoming darker please give me some tips for her skin to become fair

  27. Sharju Achu

     I had a boy baby he was born in a white color but now he was nornal color what can I do

  28. Abrana

    I have baby girl now she is 8 month her colour is black i use kasturi manjal plz giv me tips 

  29. Abrana

    I have baby girl now she is 8 month her colour is black i use kasturi manjal plz giv me  tips

  30. VIMALA

    My years and 2 years girl to become fair tell some good tips

  31. Hi moms,Let try this natural herb remedies to have fair and healthy baby’s skin,it’s helpful to restore the brightness of your baby’s skin.Read the steps here wwwbabyskinwhiteningncarecom

  32. Hari

    hello…moms.,just use Fair & Cuddly cream .I think u will be get gud result!!

  33. Anonymous

    My baby 4year old girl pl fairness tips in hindi

  34. Uhdfuyfyy

    How to  purchase fair and cuddly baby cream 

  35. Honey

    Hi hari, how to buy fair and cuddly baby cream online any websites to buy the product 

  36. Deepika

    When my born she is so fair after 1 month she is little dark so what we want to use to my baby for fair skin

  37. Anonymous

    My baby s 1yr old she s becoming black what to do in order to bring a fair complexion

  38. Anonymous

    Plz my eleven months baby girl is fair plz I need scream n soap DAT can make her colour bright

  39. jahiz

    Hi I have 4 year old son he is a dark and I want he became fair tell me which cream is good..Please

  40. Sarika verma

    From where can I get kaveri fairness Oil and does it really work

  41. Joe

    Hi, My baby girl was born very fair but after 2 months her color changed to really dark. her face is bit ok but body is very very dark. Me and my husband, we both are very fair so I feel she will feel bad when people will compare her. she is 18 months now. can you please advice something for her.

    thanks in advance.

  42. I will surely try the method of oil massage on my baby as it seems safe, thanks for sharing!

  43. Maan

    I have10 year old daughter she is a dark and I want she became fair so what we want to use to my baby for fair please give me some tips for her skin to become fair skin For this please tell me some fairness oil
    or some home remedy for her fair skin plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  44. JINI

    Hi I had 2 year old baby she is a dark and I want she became fair tell me which cream is good..Please

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