Going Green

Back in Asia, frugality is a way of life…with limited resources and rampant poverty, I guess there isn’t an alternative. When I got to US, I got into the American way of living. The past few months however, I have been evaluating my lifestyle and exploring how we can be more environmentally friendly and this has led me to revert  back to some of my old Asian habits..here are some things that I have started/plan to start to live more harmoniously with nature :

1. Energy efficient insulation at home – We live in a relatively older house (built in 1970’s) like most people here in Masschusetts…this was our first winter in this house and we are discovering how poorly the house is insulated. So one big project we plan to undertake this summer is to get the house insulated. Personally, it will be a cost upfront for us but we hope to recoup it over a few winters.

 2. Reduced use of Dryers – We have created a small place in our basement which has a concrete floor and we have put ample criss-crossing clothlines. We dry our clothes there during winter time (except when it gets too cold and then I revert back to using the dryer on those days)….I plan on putting a clothesline in my backyard this summer…jeez, dunno what the neighbors will say about it?

 3. Dishwashing – most of us do our dishes ourselves….when I use the dishwasher, I don’t fill the detergent to brim as we already do a good bit of rinsing of utensils. I also operate the dishwasher on “light” mode and have never used the “heavy” mode thus far even once.

4. Recycling – We are members of our city’s recycling club and regularly donate and pick-up free stuff off the recycle list…our son already knows which plastics are recycle-able and we try to follow the norms in terms of city guidelines for re-cycling.

5. Water – I have almost totally given up buying water in bottles…don’t know if this behoves well for all the water companies but we simply fill in our own bottles from home and stack them up in the trunk of our car for use.

When I lived in Europe, I travelled to work everyday by subways/trams/bike and never owned a car for 2 years! Here, I have braved the subways but the connections are awful and it takes more than twice the time to get to work….I wish the government invested in public transport here in Mass.

I am looking for more options….am going to try reusable diapers for my second baby…just like I did for my first….not sure if it will work here in carpeted homes unlike India.

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  1. Priya

    My friend buys recycled paper kitchen paper towels..You will get them in whole foods or world market.

  2. winfried

    I recycle a lot, I think its very important for the enviroment, and at the same time its easy to do with little effort.

    I also carpool with my wife, 2 or 3 times a week, I wish we also have a better public transport, because here in Atlanta it sucks.

    This website is really cool. Ill be comming here often!

  3. Maya

    Hi Winfried,

    Thanks for your note…that’s a cool suggestion..I have always thought of carpooling as an “all or none” option…maybe I shd try once a week with a co-worker who lives nearby…


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