“Good” Monday Morning!

It’s the typical Monday morning and the alarm rings at 5.00 a.m. for me. Yesterday night as well my baby couldn’t sleep through out the night. But yesterday she had the valid excuse- teething (i’m hoping so…) Whenever she doesn’t sleep throughout the night I always blame it on either teething or night mare or good old separation anxiety…

But i have to get going for the office. It’s again the tool release week. we have these strong deadlines which i have to make it by hook or crook or rather in my case with or w/o sleep. i start my day early so that i can come back home by 3.30 so that i can spend more of active time with my baby.

my mornings do not start at 5.00 in every week. sometimes i even take the liberty of sleeping late till 6.00 in the morning 🙂  so it is the deadline i have to make it. i even managed to work over weekend by getting up early in the morning then during her nap time.

somehow my baby just refues to sleep during night w/o me being her side. yes, i have heard all of the strategies let them cry out.. keep her in crib/separate room, etc.. but nope i just love sleeping cuddled up with her in the bed. now come on, how long she is going to be at this stage? i just blinked my eyes and she is already 15 months! soon she will start acting like BIG girl and would want to have her separate room and will lock me out.. till then i just enjoy all of her tagging me eveywhere ( i mean it “EVERYWHERE” , no privacy for me at all…)  And now that she has started talking! u can imagine her describing my actions 🙂 i just love this phase as much as i liked her watching in the middle of the night after that yet another feeding… i just love being a mom, i feel like i was never happier than this.

ok, back to relaity the alarm i ringing (rather vibrating, i use my cell phone for that so that my baby doesn’t wkae up with that excuse) and again i am lost in her babyhood memories. come one, get up that’s what my brain is telling me and i’m asking for 5 more minutes. jsut those 5 more minutes will give enough strength to pull up myself to the basin where i can wash off the sleep from my always sleep deprived eyes… so i decide to finally take those 5 minutes luxury and sure enough baby realizes that mom might be planning to get up… so she starts searching for my hair. she just loves to hold my hair and sleep. i always try to call it “hair holding” and not “pulling” which seems little harsh for that tiny hand. so i tactfully roll her over to hold dad’s hair. she gets fooled for a minute and then she realizes humm.. it’s not the same. so she registers her refusal by letting a scream out which goes directly into dad’s ears… ah.. that follows the sequence. her getting up because of the separation anxiety or may be teething… now she wants “mikk” so there goes my luxury of lseeping for extra 5 minutes. so iget up, warm up the milk and give it to her. then chnage her diaper and then she wants me to put her to sleep again.. so after she is back to bed i quickly manage to get out of the doors w/o makeup, with the best clothes that i can find which do not need any ironing and with a lunch box that i packed last night..

so that starts my Good Monday Morning!

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  1. Khushi

    Ketaki, beautiful post as it reminds me of my own experiences with my older son. My younger one is 9 months and I am like you, cant believe he is that old already! I could never do cry it out either.

  2. ketakimd

    Thanks Khushi!
    Being a working mom life gets difficult sometimes, so I am delighted to join this site where I can read from moms who are as well in the similar situaion.

  3. Pry

    Welcome Ketaki to the site…

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