Grading Parents

I read recently that a Florida school system is experimenting with grading parents. Apparently, parental involvement has been found, not suprisingly to be a critical component of a childs success.

Of course, that meant I immediately graded myself and my husband (and scored significantly higher than him on all parameters). Here are some of the areas I thought of in which parents should be graded:

Spending time with kids after school : C   I have not mastered the ability to be a resourceful, kind, encouraging mom after a hard day at work. Result : Using techniques I never wanted to, I bribe, cajole or drag the babe, who is tired after an evening in afterschool care, to do various activities in his routine.

Making sure the time is good quality : B – I try.

Being a good role model in health and fitness: C – I have not exercised in months, and just spent some time after dinner eating sea salt brownies in the pantry

Reading to kids: C . As the books become longer, reading alound seems less interesting to me. I am content to let the babe read on his own, while I re-read ‘Goodnight Moon’ to the little one. (this has to do with tiredness….I understand the importance)

And it made me think – would getting a grade motivate me? (I think so). Would I have got better grades as a stay at home mom? (I think so) Would it be embarrassing to get a D if my son gets an A? (Absolutely)

What are your thoughts on grades for parents? Do you grade yourself?

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  1. Munny

    Even though, I am stay at home, I would be appalled to grade myself. I would probably be an F, if Khusi’s parameter’s are chosen. I would cheat and choose parameter’s where I could try to get a B.

  2. Indrani

    I am not sure if I would be open to the idea of grading myself formally, but perhaps to get a general idea of how I fare on the broad parameteres of ideal parenting. There are times when I feel exhausted being a mom, the woman of the house and trying to juggle bit of free lance work. Reading to my son is something I enjoy and do it everyday without fail (even on vacations and even if there’s a dinner at home). So perhaps I’ll score an ‘A’ on that and poorer grades in others.

  3. Khushi

    Thank you Indrani. I like what you said about the reading. Its something I enjoy as well and need to do it every day.

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