Grilled Avocado Sandwich

This is a favorite sandwich of mine, thought to share with you, this is a good food to keep the heart healthy  and a very nutritious too.


1 large, ripe avocado, preferably Hass or another “fatty” one
    4 slices of sandwich bread (whatever kind you like)
    vegan “buttery” spread
    optional: whole grain mustard, vegan mayo

Serves: 2

Preparation time: 20 minutes


Cut avocado in half and remove pit.  Slice into thin wedges. Set aside.

Spread the buttery spread on one side of all the bread slices. Place one slice, buttery side down, in a preheated frying pan over medium-low heat. If you want to add vegan mayo, mustard, or other “dressings” now is the time! Otherwise, lay the avocado slices from one half of the avocado on the bread, covering well.  Place another slice of bread, buttered side up, on top. Let cook 3-5 minutes, or until the bottom is golden to your liking. Carefully flip the sandwich over and grill the other side 3-5 minutes.  Repeat the above to make the second sandwich.
                        Serve this Sandwich with a bowl of hot soup..Enjoy!

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  1. Khushi

    Thank you, I love avocado sandwich. Can it be done without the Vegan spread?

  2. sarmila

    yes, it can be done without vegan spread, it will be tasty too, if you want to put some butter, you can spread that too..

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