Grilled Salmon

You can use either Salmon steaks or fillet.

buy a good salmon steak and marinade with pepper,salt ,chili powder,paprika,turmeric,and lots of lemon juice. sometimes I use lemon/pepper sauce (lowery’s) too. If you like herbs you can add them too.(rosemary/oregano/thyme)

grill it with medium to low flame 15 minutes each side…and you are done.

Salmon is lowfat and it is rich with omega3 fatty acids..which is good for your health.

If you can find fish grill baskets, it would make the flipping real easy. See attached link below.


  1. Mommy in America

    That sounds really tasty and healthy. I will try it this weekend.

  2. manjunair

    Fish grill baskets are the best for this type of grilling.

  3. lydia

    Manju, where can you get the grill basket?I looked at publix.They dont have it..

  4. Aparna

    Have you tried this mix with any other fish?

  5. Dora

    Hi, this seems nice, could you mention some quantities? Is it like one teaspoon each for the spices?

  6. Smitha

    That sounds good..I am gonna try it soon.

  7. manjunair

    i bought it from walmart, that was long time ago. I am sure you can buy it online. try any cooking specialty stores in town.
    I have used the same recipe for tuna, snapper etc.

    1/4 tea spoon for all dry spices would be excellent. use one full lemon or lime juice.

  8. Khushi Mommy

    I tried this today – this is Mommy in America, now renamed :). I was great and so simple. Do you have any tips for choosing a good salmon steak? Mine was fine but I was wondering.

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