Growing up

Every morning we hurry to get the babe off to school. Sometimes he is sleepy, sometimes not. Its wake up, dress, brush, breakfast, pack lunch, feed baby breakfast – just a mad rush. Then he is off. I am till mid afternoon with my 1 year old, my baby. We have fun, we do baby things, I cherish every baby moment which I know will be gone. And then when both the boys are home, its kind of rushed again – get veggies into my babe (I know, this is my own created work, but I have to do it), bath, books, dinner, brush bed time.

But this weekend he was home. He had a long weekend, and I was relaxed. As I went about my work I noticed this boy, whom I would cuddle and coddle so much, now lying on his own reading his books, or playing more sophisticated games, or undressing and dressing himself. Almost like an adult. And though none of these are earth shattering things, cumulatively I realized that he was now a mini adult. Growing up, being very much a person of his own means and wishes. With dignity, reserve and confidence.

Perhaps I noticed it more because I am with a 1 year old for most of my day. And though he is very good about playing on his own, I still have to do the diaper, feed, worry, dress, undress, wipe routine. Or perhaps, now that he is in school for so long, I miss him. Or perhaps its a moms heart looking for reasons to feel proud.

But this weekend I knew I had this very interesting person living with us. Not my son, not my baby, but a person of his own. A little man. One who is on hisway. And I cant wait to come along for the ride.

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  1. Indrani

    Hi Khushi. Nice post. I can imagine what it feels like to realise one fine day how much our children have grown.

  2. Khushi

    Thank you for your comment Indrani. Good to see you back here.

  3. rajvi

    Hi Khushi – Time flies by so fast…. It seems like I push my son to do things independently and the moment he masters that skill, I feel a small pang… His growing up and becoming a preschooler from baby and toddler is fun, ride. But at the same time, I do not look forward to time passing me by too fast.

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