Halloween Costumes you can wear to work

Have you ever been called to a halloween party with people you work with? There are many bold people out there who dont mind letting their hair down and dressing up a bit crazily in front of office folks, but we have always felt a bit wary of the off-the-rack halloween costumes available at stores in the halloween aisles. Many of the choices range from too bold to scary. And sometimes even too expensive.

Well, we thought we would try to come up with a list of halloween costumes you can wear to work – please add your ideas! We are trying to get costumes you can put together with not having to buy much.

  • Pirate and a swashbuckling lady pirate
  • Over paid Wallstreet CEO
  • Indian prince and princesses
  • Cricketers (just regular cricketers)
  •  Indian freedom fighter
  • Call center representative
  • Poker hand if more than a couple
  • lallu prasad yadav and rabri devi

Any more ideas? Do add to our list!

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