Happy Mother’s Day

Today is a Mother’s Day! My husband got me a customized t-shirt which says “This Mamma belongs to..” & then my children’s names. That was really sweet of him; considering his history of forgetting gift part from other important occasions so far… only humorous thing is that he ordered the size before I got pregnant with my first one. So my well nourished body refuses to fit in; still I tried and squeezed myself in (at least for today sigh…). Today I decided to indulge myself through out the day. So I planned the whole day like this: I’ll cook only for my 2 year daughter (after all she is the one because of whom I got entitled as “Mother” for the first time) and then all of us (including our 2 months old son) will head out and enjoy a nice lunch at my favorite restaurant. So we started the day on high note; everyone inspired to head out… But then we are potty training so we end up spending at least half n hour every time she “thinks” she has to go. Believe me she loves to seat on potty for the longest possible stretch. Her incentives include uninterrupted attention from mamma (considering her baby brother) and books! So she doesn’t mind keep on trying until I quit or her baby brother starts demanding my attention. Anyways by the time I finished cooking for her it was her lunch time. Because meantime I had to nurse my infant son who seemed to be on growth spurt today  And of course my husband cannot share any of this fun stuff that I do with my kids so he kept himself busy in doing dishes and reminding me that it is way too ambitious plan to head out; instead we should have the take out lunch. Finally I gave in and started feeding my toddler and infant at the same time while my husband headed out for the take out. So there goes my first plan of having a nice lunch actually seating in a restaurant. But I was happy that I don’t have to cook and still getting a nice lunch right at home and I don’t even need a shower!
After having lunch my husband put my toddler for the nap time when I enjoyed nursing my son. Then I watched a movie too!! My husband pushed me to head out and have a nice quality time with my daughter and a chance for me to mingle with my friends. There was a performance from one of my friend’s dad for kids. So I was very excited that first time my daughter will be enjoying a play and I will be the one who gets to see her reactions! Of course I will be able to see my friends too; so some adult interaction for me too… my husband offered that he will look after my son for the whole time I am gone out… Woo.. hoo!! So my daughter and I started just 5 minutes late; so I was excited that we will be able to reach there just 5 minutes late which won’t be too bad. As we approached the destination I realized that the performance was in one of the halls in the university. There I realized the first panic moment. I always get lost in the mayhem of parking structures and confusing maps of U. In addition to my confusion; they have constructed quite a few new buildings and parking structures since the time I was student here. So with the great will and lot of apprehension that my car might get towed because I did not see the notice of no parking or something like that; we parked the car in one of the parking lots. Then started the fun part. It was 10 minutes walk from the parking lost to the performance hall. We were already 5 minutes late by then. And my daughter decides she wants to walk. So I happily agreed because I am out of the habit of carrying her because of the recent pregnancy and all. She wanted to run on the lawn leading to the jogging track, wanted to jump in a puddle then rolled in the grass because I said no, etc.. so we had all of sort of meltdowns and tantrums till we reached the performance hall almost 25 minutes late! They still allowed us in because it was sort of small group and people were still arriving. So we settled as far as possible from the stage; so that the performer doesn’t have to hear us. My daughter had observed earlier that I packed few snacks for her. So the minute she got comfortable she demanded for chips; so I gave in. after munching few chips she was interested in eating gold fish. Even gold fish bored her out so she asked for water. But then she did not want her water from the bottle but wanted her Disney cup which we forgot at home. I was dreading fro another tantrum but thankfully she got distracted by one of her friends in the audience. All this while I was trying to keep our communication in hushed voices and trying my best to enjoy the play meant for the kids. I managed to exchange smiles with my friends and was hoping that after the show I will be able to catch up with them. Then the performer stopped for a minute to drink some water and at that very silent moment my daughter whined “I want to go home..” and everyone around us started laughing. Thankfully the performer just ignored us and continued his act. I tried to get her attention towards his play but all in vain. So after trying hard to reach on time and going through all sort of meltdowns just to see my daughter’s first reaction to a play; we started for the exit in the middle of the act.
After coming out of that hall I felt overwhelmed for the whole day and was agitated that nothing was going as per my plan. I started thinking what was my goal? Was it to enjoy the play, a chit-chat with my friends or to enjoy our exclusive time with each other? My daughter had her own definition of the enjoyment, happiness. Now on she will have her own personality, her own choices and her will to enjoy her life. I cannot and should not try to alter her way of life. Now she is not my baby daughter anymore who used to be in my arms all the time. Time flies way too fast and I always keep trying to hold onto it until it lasts… but this time I didn’t even flick my eyes and here she is running on the grass, climbing the stairs saying “all by myself!”…
That was my Mother’s day giving me realization that from the naïve motherhood I have come a long way in the last 2 years and it will be a continued journey of learning new things everyday from my children! Happy Mother’s day to all moms…

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  1. Priya

    Ketaki, what a sweet post. This is the first one after the new baby, right? Congratulations!

  2. Ketaki

    Thanks Priya!
    yes this was the first one after our 2nd baby 🙂

  3. MK

    Dear Ketaki, a happy mothers day week to you too. You know, she had the best time, I think. For her to be alone with her mom and do all the toddler tantrums she could and get your attention – well, its difficult being a big sister. That is more important to her, if you know what I mean. I love your realizations.

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