Happy Onam!!!

Happy Onam to all!!


Onam  is the most important festival of Kerala( my homestate).It lasts for 10 days. The last day Thiruvonam is the special day.its the harvest festival. According to the legend, its is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali, whose spirit is said to visit Kerala at the time of Onam.

 I used to love it when I was kid as it was the time to get new dress/toys and sadya(yummy lunch).  Also the schools were closed for 10 days for Onam. Onam  sadya is purley vegeterian food and its delicious. . The main items are rice, parippu(dal), sambar, aviyal, kalan,olan,thoran and lot more items and definetly payasam(desert).I used to wait for the payasam .Food is served in banana leaf and you have to eat with the hands..no spoon or fork.

 To celebrate Onam,kids used to make pookalam.Pookalam is a decoration using flowers that is made on the floor. We used to have pookalam competition in my school and college.

I need to get my kids new dresses for Onam. But since they get new clothes very often I dont think it will be that special. But when I was a kid it was a special thing to me. I got new clothes from my parents, grandparents and also my closest relatives.

Tomorrow we are having an onam function in the temple. Everybody is bringing one sadya item and there will be some cultural programs too.. Its going to be fun and I am going to have an awesome Onasadya…

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  1. yasmin talgeri

    A very Happy Onam to you !

  2. Khushi

    The festive photos make me want to celebrate to. Happy Onam for your too!

  3. malini

    A very happy Onam to you Pry!!

  4. Pry

    Thank you all!! I did have a nice onam celebration at the temple and an awesome sadya.

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