Hat Day

In the series of Spirit Week at school Wednesday was Hat Day. Wear any hat you like to school and tell us why you made that choice. Our girl wore her Easter hat with a lovely dress. When asked to reason her choice she said I look so pretty in this and it keeps the sun away. Well that’s fashion with a purpose.
It’s amazing how everyone has a different taste and there were as many kinds of hats as were the kids! When we reached school, the teacher greeted us with a big smile saying, “ Look at you in your Sunday best!!” Not being Christians, the comment didn’t mean much to us but we get the idea 😉 At the end of the day, I was informed that everyone got tired of wearing the hats but my daughter had a firm NO for an answer when asked if she would like to remove it. At 12:30 pm she was the only one wearing a Hat.
On the ride back home, she said, “ Mamma Ms. K asked me to remove the hat if I want but it was hat day mamma, why would I take the hat off if it’s hat day at school”. Can’t argue with that honey. If its hat day, it should be a hat day.
Everyday is a hat day for me and every mom out there and we are never asked to explain the reason of our choice, though we do need to reason out if we dare to remove even one. Not that I am complaining, I get to be a chef, chauffeur, clown, cleaner, tear wiper, boo boo fixer and much more.
Which hat are you wearing today?

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  1. Khushi

    Todays hat of choice – house cleaner! You are right on being asked to reason if we remove one.

  2. Marjorie

    Hey good to see you back. I was wondering how your weekend went. I am wearing a relaxed mum hat today

  3. sands

    hey Marjorie, our weekend was relaxing, just at home. Thank you for asking! I am wearing a hat today with no name on it, can’t seem to get along with anyone today, not even my preschooler!

  4. Anonymous

    I like your posts. Today I am wearing the hat of a make up artist and beutician – my daughter played dress up all day using all kinds of kid dress up things and some of my clothes and hats etc.

  5. sands

    Thank you for the kind words anonymous!Looks like you had a great day.

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