Heart Disease And Sex

Back again with a very sensitive topic.. Can someone still have sex after heart failure is diagnosed ? Some people don’t ask this question for they feel embarassed, but I think this is a subject which should be discussed, people always have this type of question in mind.

             Heart attack is a dramatic event in anyone’s life, comes as a complete shock. The changes such as an event can have on the way one thinks and behaves are often profound.In some cases, they can be a good thing resulting in some positive life changes.

Most people with heart failure can continue with the sexual activity once symptoms are under control. They may feel more comfortable and confident when following certain guidelines suggested for heart patients.

                    1.Choose a time of sex when you are rested, relaxed and free from all stressful feelings.

                   2. Avoid having sex after a heavy meal ( heavy meal is not good for the heart patient at all).

                  3. Select familiar, peaceful setting that is free from interruptions.

                  4. If anyone starts to feel uncomfortable and tired during the intercourse, no matter what, stop and rest for some time.

    People with severe ailing heart, should remind themselves that it is OK if they are not ready to do the sexual activity, let the partner also understand , they can spend a relaxing time by hugging, kissing , touching  instead. Feelings like stress, anxiety, depression are natural after serious health diagnosis, but the partner should discuss freely with the patient and make feel relaxed.

So, this is such a topic, you have to  be realistic, feel free to talk with your physicians, how to follow with the sexual activities and the duration and everything in detail.

Excercise is good for heart health, and sex is also a very good exercise.

            A progressive structure of exercise and advice on any changes in the diet, fat reduction , less sodium controlled diet , weight loss, quit the smoking and regime of medication should be followed…

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    Thank you for talking about a sensitive topic. I think people will appreciate it.

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