Heralding the arrival of the Early Pearly

The little one has been cranky for a week. Not his usual sunny self, but crying, wanting to be held more, disdainfully rejecting my attempts at humor and cheered only by the antics of his brother. So I should have suspected, but since there was no swelling or drooling or chewing, I didnt. But sure enough there it was – a sharp little tooth piercing its way out of the baby gums. Not exactly early, at 8 months, but certainly pearly.

End of a phase? Well, in nursing, certainly. I will now need to feign a lack of pain and say ‘firmly, but kindly’ as per the books ‘Ouch, no biting’. I also certainly hope this will help finger foods. So far I have been leaving cheerios and more recently tiny pieces of bread on his tray. He finds them fascinating to push around with his little fingers or to toss around his high chair. But none has made it to his mouth. So one day I did put a cheerio into his mouth, trusting the claims of all the books that he will not choke. It was a horrifying two minutes. First he grimaced as if it was the worst thing he had ever tasted. His little nose crinkled and eyes closed shut and toothless mouth creased. Then as the cheerio made its way down he made a choking expression. And sure enough threw up  the cheerio drowned in his entire breakfast. So I am not going that route again. He will have it when he puts it in himself and is ready.

I hope this means a great sleep for me tonight. I need it.

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  1. mahi

    Hey Khushi – Congratulations on the first tooth for the little one.

  2. Yasmin

    Hey, Great news!

  3. sarmila

    time to wean!! great.. you will be much relaxed..

  4. Khushi

    Thank you everyone for your wishes. I am happpy, and I am looking forward to his culinary adventures.

  5. Tana

    What a lovely little story. Congratulations on your efforts to be there for every moment of your children’s adventures.

  6. Indrani

    First Tooth! Congratulations.

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