Hindi Movie Reviews…without scene spoilers


I have been spending some time at home this week… so I got to watch some hindi movies. Here are three that I highly recommend :

1. Namesake – Drama : Directed by Mira Nair…its a great take on cultural differences between Indian parents and their American-born and raised children. Its a must-see…btw, it has also been acclaimed by BBC in its list of movies-to-watch in 2007

2. Chuk De India – Sports/Drama : Directed by Shimit Amin…a Shah-ruk Khan (SRK) starrer that wasn’t! The movie is totally different from any other previous SRK movies you might have seen. Its about SRK as a passionate Indian hockey player who then becomes a hockey coach. I can watch this movie again and again….more so for me as I was a state player in Table Tennis and could relate with EVERYTHING that is potrayed there… the lack of spirit of nationality, lack of self-belief, lack of professionalism by coaches….it was homecoming for me!

3. Khosle ka Ghosla – Comedy/Drama : Directed by Dibakar Banerjee…If you ever lived in North India, this movie will is a must watch! It is a take on every middle-class Indian’s dream of owning a house and how the middle-men in North India have created an entire industry to take advantage of this dream…. enough said already, go watch this one!

And there are some more that I was planning to watch….Guru, Eklavya, Jab we met…. if you’ve seen them, write in a line to share your views about them….

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  1. Archana

    I have seen Guru and Ekalavya.I loved Guru.The movie inspires you to be a entrepreneur against all odds.I didnt like Ekalavya that much..Havent seen Jab we met yet.

  2. Mommy in America

    Thanks, these are good reviews. Can you also next time recomend which you think kids would like more? Thank you!

  3. Aparna

    My kids liked Chuk de India more. The movie my son loved was krish , that we saw sometime back. You should check that out.

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