Holi Celebrations in Preschool and School

Holi – the festival of colors is one of the most popular, vibrant, exciting and fun festivals of the year. It is a Hindu festival based on the theme of victory of good over evil but is also a celebration of spring – the return of the colors around us – new leaves and new flowers. It is celebrated all over India, Sri Lanka, Nepal  and also many countries with expat populations such as UK, USA, Guyana, South Africa, Fiji.

People celebrate Holi by smearing each other with colored powder or throwing colored water on each other sometimes by using water sprayers or ‘pichkaris’ but sometimes by just throwing buckets of colored water. People typically wear white clothes as the point is to show off all the colors.

Holi is celebrated on the last full moon day of the month of Phalgun, and it usually falls in February or March. The 2010 date for Holi is March 10 but as per the US calendar it falls on February 28. However, any day of the week can be used to make it more colorful.

Here are some ideas to celebrate Holi in school and preschool. In this age of Multicultural education, celebrations are a fun way for children to learn about different cultures. If you are Indian, its also a great way for kids to see friends learn about their culture, enjoy it and feel more comfortable in their skin.

If you are a parent, you can use this list to go in as a mystery guest, a lunch guest and celebrate Holi with the class.

Ideas for Celebrating Holi in School or Preschool

  • Choose a day for kids to celebrate Holi in school
  • Explain Holi to the kids through talking a little bit about the history.  Talk also about how Holi reflects the colors that spring brings to our environment.
  • Ask kids to wear their most colorful outfits to school that day. Set up a system saying every kid should wear at least 6 colors on their clothes.
  • If you are doing it on a bigger scale, you can ask different groups or classes to wear different colors as a theme. For example, one class wears red clothes, or red t-shirts and the other blue and so on.
  • Serve a special ‘colorful’ treat for lunch such as cup cakes of different colors. Or make a cake with multi-cultured icing.

Click here for more ideas on celebrating Holi in Preschools including craft ideas for Holi. Click here for ideas on a holi party.

Holi Activities for Older Kids

  • Supply finger paints, brushes, other paints, and ask kids to draw colorful pictures depicting Holi.
  • For older kids, you can show pictures from the web on the celebration, and they can research the celebration and draw pictures showing various aspects of holi – dunking with water, colors, spring, etc.
  • You can also ask them to research the history various aspects of Holi such as:
    • How do festivals reflect seasons
    • Most colorful festivals from different parts of the world
    • History of Holi

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  1. Neeta


    Thank you very much for all these great information. Can I please distribute the first 3 paragraphs on this page to the kids in my preschoolers classroom so that they know what holi is and can take it home.

    I am doing face painting with them and an art project where they can do finger painting with washable colors. I could not find any good holi related coloring pages and so now will use a coloring page I have of bears painting a picture.

    Thank you.

  2. @seemasugandh

    Just what I needed to read! xx 🙂

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