Holiday Season – How do you celebrate?

Christmas treeChristmas was not the holiday we celebrated at home while growing up in India.   I went to a Catholic school and we had some Christmas celebrations in school.  I looked forward to Christmas every year since we got 10 days off as a Christmas vacation.  My cousins who did not attend the Catholic school, were all very jealous of this extra time off.

After coming to US, Christmas has become one of my favorite holidays.  Everything seems magical and beautiful.   Around this time people also celebrate Hanukah – the Jewish festival of light and Kwanzaa – the American festival celebrating African heritage. All the stores are decked out and the people are more gracious and happy in general. However, before I had my son, I enjoyed all these celebrations more as a spectator then as a participant.   We did not put up Christmas tree or exchanged gifts within the family.  I exchanged gifts with some of my co-workers more to reciprocate then for anything else.

 The year I was pregnant, we bought home our first Christmas tree (Oh the discussions we had – fake tree vs. the real tree).    We spent hours selecting all the ornaments and special things to decorate our first tree with.  And since we had a beautiful Christmas tree (and also because we had all these new friends in the beautiful new city) we decided to host our first Christmas party.     Since then, every year we put up our Christmas tree and try to host a Christmas party.   This year, my son has started talking about Santa.  He loves the Chrismas music and is definitely expecting a visit from Santa on the Christmas morning.  He loves all the Christmas lights in the neighbourhood and is looking forward to our Chrismas party.  He is being a very good boy and listens to mommy so that Santa does not forget to visit our house.

How do you celebrate Christmas now if it was not the holiday you celebrated growing up? 

Do your kids believe in Santa? 

Do you exchange gifts with friends? 

What special traditions have you started around holiday season in your family?

Please send in your ideas of how to make this season special for the kids and the family.  Happy Holidays.

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  1. Khushi

    I do exchange gifts, and also give gifts to the mailman, garbage collector etc. Have not yet started much traditions but we do go to Lake Lanier for the lights and the kids love it. We put out lights every year in our front yard. Santa has been a big deal in our household but this year the babe is asking ‘ Do the parents get the gits?’…so I dont know how much longer Santa will hold sway.

  2. Tana

    Thanks for this lovely post about acculturating into the culture we live in. I became part of an American family after my divorce, and ironically, it is then that I became much more integrated into the culture here. I often slept over on Christmas eve night in their house to wake up with their two boys and their excited shredding of wrapping paper to see what Santa may have brought this year 🙂 I exchanged presents with them and their parents too. As a child growing up in India I would’ve given an arm and a leg to have a Christmas tree and Santa’s visits … even though I knew well that there was no Santa. I believe that some amount of fantasy (even while knowing the truth) is a good escape for little children – it helps them dream, imagine, aspire.

  3. Bella cruse

    When it comes to family holidays I always like to go those places that my kids suggest to me. Christmas is one of the favorite festival of mine and my kids also so we have a blast on Christmas every year. It is the month of October and the Christmas is about to come so I am pretty much interested and planning to celebrate it with my kids.

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