Home Inspection

Ahem. So I am having a thorough home inspection. The baby is crawling, which means that I spent a significant portion of my day crawling after him picking up tufts of dirt, dead bugs and all kinds of choking and health hazard that seem to astonishingly appear in front of him. With his brother, since there were just my husband and I, keeping the house clean was easier. This time its turning out to be much tougher. This inspite of having pest control on schedule.

He has also adopted Handy Manny’s ‘turner’ (the animated screwdriver) as his inspection tool. While some kids I know crawl room to room dragging a blankie, my boy has adopted his tool as a drag along, which kind of goes with his desire to inspect every inch of my house. Once he finds an area that needs scrutiny, he sits down, puts down his tool and gravely stares at it. And I hover like a helicopter trying to clean it up or detect something unsavory that may end up in his mouth.

Which brings me to my question – did you have your homes inspected and were you helicopter moms too?

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  1. ketakimd

    Hee hee cute post Khushi.
    Yes, I do remember the crawling phase. It is so amazing that babies at this stage can spot literally anything. I used to get amazed wow, look at her eyesight and look at that pinture grasp! And then suddently I used to realize I need to get that piece away before she tastes it 🙂

  2. indrani

    Khushi your post reminds me of the time when my son had just started to crawl. It seemed my entire time and energy was spent in keeping the house clean and crawling along with him. Despite all the effort, the first time my husband’s boss had come home, my son presented a dead fly to him as a return gift.

  3. Khushi

    Ketaki, you are right, its a game taking something away before he eats it. Indrani, your story is too funny.

  4. malini

    just loved ur post Khushi….I too remember those days…

  5. Tana

    This is just the loveliest post. Dead flies and dead bugs as return gifts. Isn’t it amazing that children know true value of things until we teach them otherwise?!

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