Home remedies for cold and cough

Here are some Asian remedies I have used for my son.

As soon as your baby has a runny nose, try the following :

1. warm (not hot) steam vapors to the child for 10 mins each time – do this 4 times a day

2. Give a ginger/pepper/honey soup to the baby 2-3 times a day. recipe for making the soup is :

Ingredients :
– 20 grams fresh ginger
– 5 fresh black pepper or a pinch of freshly ground pepper
– one teaspoon honey
– 1/5 cup drinking water

Preparation :
– boil water in a saucepan
– crush or grate ginger into tiny pieces
– crush or ground pepper into tiny pieces
– put the grated/crushed ginger and ground pepper in the boiling water
– let it boil for 5 minutes or till about most water evaporates (about 5-6 spoons of water would remain)
– let it cool
– once cooled to room temperature, take a tea spoon of this soup and pour a few drops of honey on it

Give this home made medicine to your child…start with 2 times a day and then increase to 4 times a day.

Ginger, pepper and honey – all three have natural active ingredients that increase resistance to cold, cough.

3. Don’t forget to give lots of liquids to your child…this naturally increases the resistance of the child and keeps the mucous membrance from drying up.

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  1. Mommy in America

    My son has a cold now, and this was useful. Thanks!

  2. Great post.. Cold and cough occurs by bacterial infections or weather changes. Symptoms of cold are like sneezing and loss of appetite. But some above said natural remedies will help us to cure the problems of cough and cold easily.

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