Home remedies for scratchy throat when pregnant

Pregnant and congested, with a scratchy throat! Apparently, congestion is another pesky yet common side effect of pregnancy – though not the scratchy throat. I had both a couple of days ago, so used some recommended home remedies I thought I would share. Do ask your doc though, before using, as it may not work for you or you may be too sensitive or something.

  1. Drink hot tea made from hot water, one spoon of honey and a juice of a fresh lemon. This is really soothing for the throat
  2. Gargle with warm water and salt
  3. Gargle (carefully, so as not to swallow) with antiseptic mouthwash
  4. Gargle – this worked very well for me, but my husband cant do it at all because of the smell and strong taste, so do check with your doc – with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Keep the vinegar to less than 50% of the mixture. I usually keep it to less than 25%
  5. For congestion, vapors over a steaming pasta pot or other container – be careful of your belly, especially if it is sticking out as much as mine!

Let me know if you know any others. If you are looking for something for kids, Maya had written a while back on home remedies for cold for kids.

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  1. joysree

    a piece of ginger some times help to contol cough

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