Home Remedy for Upset Stomach for toddlers/kids

I wanted to add this to the list of Indian baby and toddler food recipes on the Bloggermoms site. Do you worry about what to feed your child when she has an upset stomach? This is a recipe used in Bengal (kacha kola) and it usually works. But do check with your doctor before introducing any new ingredients, specially during a tummy ache.


1 or half raw banana

Dash of turmeric


Half tea spoon mustard or olive oil

1.Peel the banana
2.Take the white portion and cut into 1 inch cubes.
3.Boil, covering with enough water until it is soft and tender. You can add more water if neccessary
4 Cover with a lid to make the boiling process faster
5.Take out the boiled banana from fire into a flat plate. Mash with the back side or a fork to a smooth paste.
6.Add a little oil and a dash or salt to the mashed banana and mix. You can avoid the oil if you want.
7 Feed your little one with small portion.

In India we get banana which can be cooked with skin and then it becomes easier to remove the skin. But in US I have found you have to remove the skin. You can try both ways.

Dont try to feed the whole banana. One spoonful is enough depending on age.

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  1. Amrita

    I like this – it worked for me as a kid every time.

  2. joysree

    both raw banana and ripe banana are good for stomach upset.

  3. gigigi

    On stomach aches relating to constipation this would not be a good remedy considering bananas may cause constipation.

  4. Ayesha

    How do you deal with mucus with a 3 yr old?

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