homework rulesWe went out of town all weekend and when we got back, I suddenly realized that homework was due….(shame on me, lazy mommy :))

The babe is in kindergarten and though we dont officially get homework, we are begining to get projects to do at home. Simple ones – collecting pictures, reading a particular book, writing or drawing something. But activities that portend of bigger loads to come.

Unlike my son, who loves doing his projects, I almost never liked homework till I was much older. It was always too much, too restrictive. I remember my parents sitting me down for hours on end on holidays and other days when I was younger as I had all this school work to finish. What I struggled with most was my mother tongue. The school I went to prided itself on the standard of Bangla they taught  the girls, and I could never bring myself to read as much in Bangla as I did in English. So I suffered through all the grammar and literary works.

As I grew older though, it did get easier. First, I did not have Bangla any more. Second, those rigorous hours of doing nothing else, learning  to plan my time so that I did homework first, being completely forbidden to indulge in many activities before my exams, all made it so much easier for me through high school and college.

So now I am conflicted. Do I put the poor babe through the harrowing routines of my childhood that did, infact, greatly benefit me in the end, or do I let him enjoy a more casual approach. What do you think? What are your rules for homework?

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  1. Gulnaz

    Do homework when you come from school is my rule. I want less homework for the moms. Did enough in my childhood…..lol

  2. Rashi

    Oh welcome back to school

  3. indrani

    Hi Khushi. One of the biggest benefits of being parents is that we start appreciating our parents and family lot more for all their efforts and hardwork. Don’t you agree?
    Though my son doesn’t get any home work, but he and I have something called ‘Me, my time’, (he coined it) where in we’ll finish all the work, like reading (books apart from story books), cutting, pasting, coloring etc, before he goes out to play with his friends in the evening. So far it has been working fine.

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