How wasur memorial day??

Hey Bloggermoms..How was the long weekend? I was getting over my sorethroat and cold and was glad that I got 3 days away from work..What did you guys do? Hope everybody had an awesome days off. Now guys you have to wait for 1 more month to get a long vacation like this…July4th.. I saw fireworks for sale in most stores.. I would like to do that this year…



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  1. Khushi Mommy

    hey, I had a great time too. Just relaxing visiting the zoo one day and the park the other. Weather was good here too.

  2. Smitha

    I know..we have to wait for 1 month to get a long weekend again…

  3. winfried

    I went to Florida, went to the beach . It was hard to come back to Georgia

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