I love Macs..!

I was wondering how many of you guys use Macs, if at all. Since I did “The switch” i’ve been very happy, plus my mac works great with my ipods and iphone. No more viruses for me! Bye bye Microsoft. Thank you for all the head aches you caused while I was on a pc !   😎   Peacepointless.jpg 

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  1. Khushi Mommy

    I am still a PC user only from habit though. I found the latest commercials (mac and PC) quite persuasive, but old habits die hard…

  2. Anonymous

    I use macs too. They are great for kid pictures

  3. skbagchi

    I use PC. In india mac is not popular as service is diffilut to get

  4. winfried

    Hi Kushi,

    Yes the commercial are great! Before I switch I had the same concerns with windows since I have been using windows for ever, but with the new Macs, since they have Intel chips now, its very easy to install windows as well. There is a wizard on the OS called “Boot camp” where it instruct you step by step how to install windows or u can install an “virtualizations apps” like parallel or vmware and toggle in and out between Apple and windows. The more familiar you become with OSX the less and less you want to go back to windows, and spyware, and malware, and viruses and on and on…



    Yes you are right all Macs come with the suite called “iLife” that includes iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, iDvd making your kids productive from they one. With iPhoto you create your Photo albums and have it printed and Apple creates a beautiful book delivered directly to your house.
    With iMovie my 13 year old have created so many family movies that will be cherished for ever. The best thing we didn’t pay extra or anything all those apps comes included with every mac!


    I’m sad in India Macs are difficult to serviced. Maybe in the near future!! Recently I read they are openning an Apple store in China. Hopefully Apple would do the same thing in India!!

    Best regards to y’all

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