I love Salsa!!!

Putting some Latin flavor to our forum, here is a video of my favorite group N’Klabe. Salsa and Merengue are my favorite music and they surely live up a party!  If you guys find a video about India dances and put it here that would be owesome to experience!!! YouTube Preview Image 

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  1. Priya

    I love it…want to dance to the music..

  2. Khushi Mommy

    Awesone track! I loved it. Absolutely foot tapping dancing music. ahem….confessing that I used to like Ricky Martin way back 🙂

  3. Smitha

    Cool!!! I like it too…khushi,I used to like Ricky Martin too..What happened to him now?

  4. winfried


    N’Klabe is a great group!!! All their songs are great.



    I’m glad u like it too. Ricky Martin has done several albums in Spanish, but really havent heard much of him!


  5. Amrita

    N’klabe does sound great. I am getting old since I had never heard of them before. Thanks ofr introducing

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