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All this holiday, I followed the coverage of the Mumbai blasts with indignation, anger, intense sadness and then pride in the bravery of the soldiers. When the RAF and the commandoes went in I was reassured – here in the US, I had forgotten the ingrained faith and pride I have in the Indian army.

In all this, beyond the haunting visuals of the Taj burning, and the stories of the survivors and victims, here is what stood out to me –

1. From the first few hours, one image from NDTV stuck – that of a group of Indian policemen running into the Taj to help the people inside – not knowing what awaited them, and not knowing the kind of enemy they were up against, but just driven by patriotism and commitment. What do the brave think in such situations? How much equipment did they have, or how much protective clothing? Did they believe in strength in numbers? What pushes them to overcome the fear I believe all humans have – that of leaving their loved ones, and going in to protect what they believe? Could I have done that job? I am ashamed to say I couldnot. 

2. The constant harping by some news outlets that ‘Mumbai brought to its knees…’ etc. Excuse me, but isnt having the news outlets saying that exactly what the terrorists wanted? CNN went so far as to say something like a city of two million has been held hostage by two dozen men etc. I dont believe staying in the homes as many Mumbaikars were doing is ‘being brought to knees’ – its self preservation and intelligence, and a refusal to complicate matters further by rushing out when there was danger.

3. What happened to Indian survivors and victims? Beyond the police officers, I am hearing about foriegn nationals who survived or perished but what about the personal stories of Indians?  Maybe this is just my thing.

I hear the blogosphere has been cluttered with stories of Mumbai attacks and its aftermath. But I loved the story of those twitter enthusiasts who are meeting this Sunday at Cafe Leopold. Also, if you have not already, read Amitabh Bachchans blog on the last few days. I was not a fan of his, but I found his posts really powerful.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think some outlets are now talking of Indian victims as well

  2. Sudha

    WHat affected me most was the bravery of the hotel staff at both the hotels – their professionalism and presence of mind.

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