Impact of weather on my wallet!

I think because Atlanta had this spate of drought for the last three years, I could go through the first few years of the babe’s life without raincoats. I bought rain boots, but the crocs kind just because he loved to wear them and not for anything else.

But  this year, I need to buy raincoats and rain boots. Along with the money I had to fork out for snow gear for 2 days worth of snow (but worth it I think)

Here are some I liked for the babe:

Spiderman Raincoat – Way too expensive, so I am not getting it. Though the Spiderman Raincoat
are great and a better deal too. I need a good suggestion for boys – a reasonably priced one, if possible.

If you have a girl, you might like the Disney line. There is a lavender Disney Fairies Tinkerbell Purple Girls Rain Coat
that seems to be a steal.
Please give me your recommendations!

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