In sickness and in health

I have been away from the site forever it seems, except maybe to surface and comment briefly. The reason was that over the last two weeks or more, I have been very sick. It began as shivering and fever, which led to prescription antibiotics, which led to what may have been an allergic reaction or something called Viral Arthritis.

The fever subsided in a day or two, but I started having these terrible pains. I could not move my legs or arms without wincing in pain. Every joint hurt terribly. I thought it was carpal tunnel. At one point, I almost lost use of my hands. I could not pick up my baby or take off my shirt. I felt I was getting paralyzed.

Nobody could exactly say why. The test results for the infection came out negative, so I could stop the antibiotics. I had been taking them in vain. Now I had to wait it out, or if it progressed, go to the hospital. And I had to take Motrin. Every 6 hrs or the pain would be unbearable. I still couldnt move but I could smile after that.

My husband had to do all the heavy lifting and driving. My boys were loving and patient. The older one even had sympathy pains which subsided as soon as I told him they meant he couldnt go to school. The younger one wanted to be near me, and sit on my lap more often.

But you know, falling sick and taking care of yourself is one thing. Whatever happens, you can find the strength to deal with it. Taking care of kids when you are sick is a whole different issue. I was in constant fear whether I would be able to take on the responsibility without collapsing. What would happen if I was in the hospital. My worries were not as much around me as around the kids.

You hear of the marriage vow of being together in sickness and in health. It applies, in my mind, beyond husband and wife to the whole family. Somehow this bout of unbearable illness brough the significance of those words home to me clearer than ever before.

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  1. indrani

    Dear Khushi, Nice post. You are absolutely right, marriage vows go beyond two individuals. the first time I fell sick after moving to Singapore, my worry was more for my son and whether he’ll be fine or not. A caring spouse, loving child(ren) makes one think beyond oneself…. that’s what family is all about.

  2. Shahana

    Khushi, So glad that you are doing better. Lovely post.

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