In the groove

Remember that funny feeling in your stomach you got when you felt obligated to participate in something which you were not sure of but the circumstances brought you to the scene but as you got in the groove it turned out to be quite a gratifying experience! Last swimming class where our preschooler showed enough brevity and did what the coach asked her to. For the whole weekend, we kept on hearing “Mamma, I didn’t play there, I did what the teacher told me to”. Is she just doing it to please us and the teacher? Every mom out there knows that our breed is quick to take blame and feel the guilt. No matter how rational we are , once it comes to our offsprings dealing with difficult situation we try to find reasons, solutions, escapes and in the end we coax ourselves to a trip down the guiltville and then we look for a saviour to rescue us and reassure us that we are good mothers.

Today’s swimming class liberated me from the cerebral plight. I could see that my daughter wasn’t obligating anyone, she was simply having funWalking on water, blowing bubbles, coming down the slide, holding hands with friends and playing ring around the rosiesDelight was written all over her face, her body movements were exhibiting the inner joy she was tasting.

I am back from guiltville now.Well who am I kidding, don’t worry my fellow moms I will see you there in a bit while you make your trips back and forth and we look for another groove.

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  1. Marjorie

    Nice post, Sands. Its great that you were able to get over the guilt this time, as its not easy. I hope you are having a good weekend with your daughter.

  2. Jane Stevens

    I get it. As they go older, they maintain the drama even when they enjoy it. The unjoys of teenage – but now, its perfect time to enjoy the innocence

  3. Khushi

    You are right. Its so easy to get guilt trapped. I am glad this one worked out well.

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