India: soy diferente

YouTube Preview Image I love this salsa singer! Her name is India or “La India”, and she is one of my favorites. I hope you like her! 

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  1. Hello there. I was sent a link to your blog by a friend a while ago. I have been reading a long for a while now. Just wanted to say HI. Thanks for putting in all the hard work.

    Jennifer Lancey

  2. Khushi Mommy

    Hey Winfried, she is good. Her style is very different from the usual ones I have heard.

  3. Anonymous

    Winfried, missed your posts. This is a cool video. Keep the salsa coming!

  4. Priya

    I love the song and the name !!!

  5. winfried

    Thank you guys! I’ll put more Salsa specially from “India” she is great!

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