Indian Independence Day special kids lunch idea

I wrote a post on indian kids lunch ideas which had some good vegetarian lunch idea suggestions as well as some non vegetarian ones.

But Indian Independence day is around the corner – so I wanted to add one more – Tiranga Sandwich. My husband used to bring this to lunch often in school.

Take three slices of whole wheat bread ( or white bread, is what we used back then).

Spread one of the following – Tomato Sauce, Tomato Chutney in between two slices.

Then take a green sauce such as a mint chutney, or coriander sauce or coriander paste or spinach paste (never tried the spinach). And spread one of the outer sides of the ‘red’ sandwich from above.  Spread one side of the third and cover.

There you have it – Orange, white and green – a tiranga special like the Indian Flag. One more lunch idea with a multicultural twist.

Now, to make it more wholesome you can probably stuff the sandwiches with paneer or cheese but we just had the plain one.

Do add your suggestions!



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  1. Dora

    Happy Indian Independence day and good idea!

  2. Sands

    Hey the tomato, basil and cheese sandwich also works (Italian and Indian flags have same colors!

  3. Khushi

    Good ideas. Yes, tomato and basil didnt think of that.

  4. hayleycarne

    i like the dora senchwichs ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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