Indian style sweet corn chicken soup

My son loves Indian food..He loves curries,biriyani,dosa,sambar almost everything. He loves to go to an Indian Chinese restuarant near our house. me too. 🙂 They have this awesome sweet corn soup which everybody in our family loves. Last weekend , when we went there they had hiked up the price by $3. We got it and it was yummy .While we are having soup, I told my hus that I know how to make it. My son hearing that said ” Mommy, Mommy can you please make it? I want to see if its good..” and I was up for a challenge..

Before I got married , I had gone to a western cooking class.. Unfortunately, I could go there only for 3 classes. And one of the items that I got to learn was Sweet corn chicken soup.

So that weekend my son and I went for grocery shopping for the soup.
Here are the ingredients to make it.

4 can of Chicken broth

1 can of creamy style corn(P.S remember to get only the creamy style.It wont be good with the plain one)

1 cup of cooked chicken

1 egg

3 or 4 chilli pepper ( if you like spicy.we do !!!)

Boil chicken broth and creamy style corn. Then add the cooked chicken. Keep it in the stove for 5 min. Add cornflour to make it thick.Add chilli.

Whisk the egg. Pour it slowly on top of the soup. That will make thin white strands on the soup.

Add coriander leaves ..

For vegetarian version- substitue the chicken broth with vegetable stock and skip the chicken….

This can be a good Toddler food.

Try it out bloggermoms..I bet you r gonna like it.

My son loved it 🙂 He did say that I made it better than the restaurant.

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  1. winfried

    Good job Priya!

  2. Priya

    Thanks Winfried. My son has been begging me to make some more of it.I told him only if he says ” I am the best” ..he did…I am gona make some more for him today 🙂

  3. zeenia

    Thanx Priya. I have been looking for this recipe for long time. I will be making the vegetarian version as my kids don’t like meat.

  4. winfried

    Priya I didnt know they were Chinese in India

  5. Priya

    There are not that many Chinese people in India even though we are close by. The chinese food is very popular in India but its not authentic food. We make it spicy with chilli pepper . Most of the Indian restaurant will have an Indian chinese menu. The popular dishes are fried rice, chilly chicken, chikcen/gobi manjurian…

  6. i love to eat Chicken Soup, my mom used to always serve that dish with me specially when i am sick during my childhood days.

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