Innovative Glass Painting Techniques

Let me today share a tip of making innovative glass artefacts by using glass painting colours and cut glass pieces.

You can see the basic glass painting techniques here.

Some of the innovative techniques:

1.  Beveled glass is generally used in windows and mirrors. Decorative wall hanging pieces can be made by using beveled glass cut pieces.

2.  You can take plain glassware (glass, bowls or plates) and make a design of your own and apply glass painting colours.

3.  You can make small decorative piece like table-top clocks, visiting card / napkin holder and glass trays etc.

4.  Similarly glitter effect is another innovative idea where you use glitter colours. Glitter effect can be done by 2 ways.

Glitter effect:

1.  Either you use glitter on undried coat of glass painting colour or mix any glitter with clear solution and fill in the gaps.

2.  First of all, you take a glass sheet, outline a design of your choice and let it dry for 1 day.

3.  Then fill in the gaps:

  1. Either with the clear liquid. Apply glitter on top and let it dry.
  2. Or apply the glitter mixed clear solution and let it dry.

For the background, apply black glass painting colour and let it dry overnight.

For the Ganesha Painting, I have applied golden glitter mixed in clear solution and applied within the black liner.

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  1. Asha

    Beautiful Malini, consider me a fan of the one you have put up. I like the techniques and gliyyer effect you have mentioned. DO you find creativity as a vent to all things mommy?

  2. Khushi

    Malini, thanks so much for posting this. I love the painting too.

  3. JS

    Beautiful. Malini

  4. ramya

    hai malini,i am beginner in glass painting..can u just send me the pattern of this painting…its simple and looks great…

  5. malini

    Ramya, thanks for ur comments…

  6. Anonymous

    hi malini…
    gr8 technique…
    actually i jst want to know can we also remove glass colours from glass?
    pls rply soon….

  7. hi there! well as for your query, you can use a razor blade to scrape the glass colour or use a thinner.
    You can also try removing with turpentine oil / kerosene oil, dip a small piece of cloth in oil and carefully remove the required areas…
    hope this answers your question…- malini

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