Introducing Lailah

Who says I ever do anything practical?
Meet Lailah, my new domestic (short-haired) partner. She came home on Saturday. She was rescued as a disturbed teenage mom (pregnant at 6 months, she’s only 7-1/2 months old now). I met her last Sunday and she kept returning in my dreams (with the name Lailah!), so … the rest is history. Lailah is the sweetest, gentlest thing – her purr-machine goes on as soon as she sees me – and she has incredible golden yellow eyes with orange star-bursts in them. Apparently this means that she can hear – I learned that all fully-white cats with blue eyes are genetically deaf!
Lailah has a host of four-legged friends from other homes who can’t wait to meet her – Hershey, Shepherd, Anora, Buttercup … she will be ready to do so in a week’s time!

Lailah has let me know that she too has many thoughts and insights to share, so please don’t be surprised if she writes something here once in a while.



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  1. Khushi

    Congrats! she looks good. I am looking forward to hearing from her. What did you mean her friends from otehr shelters….are you going to adopt them too?

  2. indrani

    Congratulations for getting such friendly & good looking domestic partner.

  3. Tana

    Thanks Khushi and Indrani!
    I meant that my various friends have four-legged ones in their lives, who want to meet Lailah:-)

  4. Pry

    Cute !!!!My kids are begging me for a dog..I think that is too much work..Do you think its easy to raise a cat/Dog?

  5. Tana

    I am a deep lover of animals, so my response will be biased:-) I believe that if you have raised kids, then a dog or cat will be no big deal 🙂
    On a more serious note, animal love is an amazing thing, and very educative for children. I am fortunate that after much begging and pleading for YEARS (I used to say a silly night prayer: “God give me a Dog” and laugh…) when my mom surprised us with a puppy, my sister and I were ecstatic. The next 15 years, this dog was the glue of our family. He changed our lives and was loved by so many people. Later in life, I learned more about cats, and found them to be exquisite creatures that teach you a lot, though in a different way. So my vote will always be to include an animal in your loving family!

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