Introducing……a new and improved….me

Have you noticed how routinely marketing companies mark ‘New and Improved’ on packaging? I guess toothpaste marketers are the worst offenders. I spend a few seconds usually trying to figure out whats really new, though by now I know its probably nothing. Maybe its a state of mind of the marketer – a new begining. Maybe its a word added to make you think they are continuosly improving.

Well, now its time to introduce the ‘New and Improved’ me. Nothing really changed in the 1 second between 2008 and 2009, and this year I feel less new that I have ever before, but hey, I still want the new and improved heading.

This year I made some of my usual resolutions and am determined to keep them:

  • always remember to be ‘firm but kind’ and has figure out how to  do it in the face of stress
  • become so organized that I  can open her closet and drawers several times a day to gloat over the neatness
  • overcome her Bengali sweet tooth to stop at one helping of dessert and go for days without one
  • find time for the more important things in life (think exercising vs. extra snoozes in the morning)

By now I know that I will probably not stick to these. But it doesnt even matter, I think. What matters now is that I feel new, as if I have a ‘New’ label mysteriously slapped on me.

What are your resolutions? And what do you think of resolutions in general?

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  1. Jane Stevens

    Hello. There is something about a new year – by resolution:
    Eat less fatty foods.

  2. malini

    Nice post Khushi….Well we mothers should take out time other than kids & family to relax and pamper ourselves maybe just for a day……

  3. Tana

    Khushi, Nice post. I think the beginning of a new year is a great time to gain perspective, hence the resolutions. Yet, with emphasis on the present, there’s no time like this moment to do what one wants to achieve, hence any day is great for taking action. I like to think of every morning as a brand new opportunity for a new and improved me.

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