Introducing…The Daily Tipoff

Hi! We thought it would be interesting to put something out every day that we have found useful in our lives – shortcuts, tools, ideas. This is not expert opinion, just us sharing something we would recommend. We would love to hear your ideas.

So here’s one from me to kick it off. We would like to feature one a day from any of our readers or writers.

When traveling in your car on long trips with cars or many passengers. carry an empty grocery bag or two. Then as you accumulate empty snack wrappers, bottled water, tissues, crumbs etc, use it as a trash bag. Then get rid off it at your destination to keep some semblance of clean in the car and reduce clean up time.

So do chip in.. or, err, tip in…

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  1. Ranajit

    Welcome for this idea. Japanese industries have the culture “Kaizen” which means small improvements which they implement frequently and the sum-total of these has been giving them excellent lead over rest of the world. I am sure your initiative will give a boost to the quality of life to all your readers.

  2. sarmila

    nice ideas!

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