Is Kasthoori Manjal good for you and babies

I am getting lot of comments asking me if Kasthoori manjal is good for us and the babies. Per my opinion, it works.I am not a doctor but it has always worked for me.

Manjal is also good to reduce the hair growth.My mom used to put it on me when I was small as I had lot of hair in my face. Maybe, its the yellow color in the manjal that helps in giving a glow.But please be careful when buying them from Indian stores in U.S. Some of these products may be old so always check the expiration date.Also, one of my friend said some of the packets that you get here can be full of artificial color and not the orginal product.So the best way to get will be to get it from India.I am sure you will get this product in any southern states.

Also in kerala, they have started selling the manjal oil in Ayurveda stores.This oil is gaining popularity too.Last time I went there, they also had Manjal soap which is gaining high demand.Havent tried that one yet 🙂 Let me know if you guys have tried any of the above products…

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  1. Ann Mitch

    Wow, I did not know Indians like fair skin.

  2. Priya

    Most Indians are..After coming to U.S I dont know I am not into skin color anymore.

  3. Khushi Mommy

    Hey, i like this post. I never knew about Kasturi otherwise I would have used it on the babe

  4. Lovely mom

    Is there a place to buy this product (Kasthoori Manjol) from Sri Lanka?

  5. Lovely mom

    Is there any recommended place to buy this product (Kasthoori Manjol) from Sri Lanka?
    I’m waiting, Pl, Response soon

  6. swetha

    what about baby boys?

  7. mansi grover

    hii my baby is 1 yr old n she is dark in colour as u said abt kathuri manjal i m not getting it in my place kindly give any other opinion plz

  8. Sonal

    I am not getting Kasthoori Manjal here in gurgaon … Any suggestions for this please ….

  9. Anonymous

    Meaning of kasthoori manjal

  10. jai

    kasthuri manjal means kasthuri turmeric

  11. Anonymous

    can i put this 

  12. venka

    kasuthri manjal can use for 30 old year lady to get fair skin

  13. sowdamini

    what about baby boys?

  14. pooja janjani

    Kashtori Manjal Means.which shop i get this? is dis oil

  15. What is kasthuri manjal plz ans me

  16. Anonymous

    My baby has lot of unwanted hair plz tell me wer can i get dis in india

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