Its snowing in Atlanta!!!!

Hey all..Its snowing here…I think the last time it snowed here was like 5 years back.My kids are so happy.They are  playing with our neighbors and having a fun time throwing snowballs. They just made a cute snowman which I think is going to fall down soon. My son came in to ask for some carrots , oranges to dress up the snowman.We were out of oranges but had carrots. He was little upset that it didnt snow on Thursday or Friday.If it had  then the school might have been closed.:-)

It looks so pretty outside .The house roofs  are covered with snow. The small lake in front of our home is frozen. I am seeing snowman in front of most homes. Heard that next week the temp is going to go back up.

Gotta go..My hus and kids are coming inside to have hot choclate. Bye for now

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  1. Khushi Mommy

    wow! In all my 5 years there, I always missed the snow. I am so mad that we just missed it. Did you also get off days from office?

  2. Smitha

    No..It happened on Saturday 🙁

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