Jazzercise -going to do it

Finally I have decided something to do for my ever increasing weight.. I was always on the moderate side but after hitting the big 3 ZERO  things are little different.. I started gaining some the beginning of this year..I blamed that on my mom as she was here  for a couple of months.. After she left ,I thought it would come down …usually it does…But to my surprise it didn’t and I am gaining more…My friend had been talking about Jazzercise.Its an aerobics class with lot of dance moves. ( here is more info for Jazzercise ).

This Saturday morning I got up early to drop my son for Karate class . I changed into my gym clothes and thought I would join the Jazzercise class after dropping him.My little girl seeing her brother getting dressed wanted to join too..I thought I will take her as the gym has a free childcare. I dropped my son at the Karate class and went to the gym to join and take the first class.

We entered the gym and my girl started acting up..She didnt want to go in and freaked out when she saw the daycare.. It was a really bad idea to take her.!!!So I had to promise her that I wont leave her in the daycare. I couldnt do the class but my friends, I joined jazzercise !!! The registration and the first month fee came to $80 ( I had a $20 coupon). Monthly fees is goin to be $40. Now I have to go and do it 🙂

There is a class today at 4:45. Now if I leave work at 4:30 I will be able to do it.. I will keep you guys posted on how the class goes..

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  1. Anonymous

    I am very interested to know. It sounds very cool and not ‘too much hard work’ without being fun

  2. Khushi

    Ok, let us know how it goes. Maybe once I deliver, we need to start a loose weight club on this site. When I was doing yoga last year I found the first few classes are the hardest – just because getting the schedule adjusted is tough. Then it gets easier.

  3. Pry

    Hey ..I took my first class yesterday..It was LOTS of FUN..The moves are fairly easy and I didnt know how the time went by.. I made some friends too.. There was this lady in the class who was really motivating.. I am goin to try today too.. Yes.Khushi..Starting a weight club is an awesome idea..

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