Kids and Breakfast

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

So why is it so important to eat in the morning and not skip breakfast?

  1. The answer has to do with our body (Our body stores up glucose or sugar in the blood).
  2. This sugar ends up in the liver and subsequently the liver releases it as energy throughout the day in the form of glycogen.
  3. If one skips breakfast the body will run out of glycogen.
  4. One can feel tired and lacking energy by mid morning, have difficulty in concentrating and can be nervous and irritable also.

Kids and Breakfast:

  1. Everyone should eat breakfast to keep the body nourished, specially its very important for kids to eat a proper and nutritious breakfast.
  2. If kids skip breakfast it can harm their growth and development.
  3. As per doctors, kids can have learning & behavioral problems and also develop nutritional deficiencies like calcium and protein deficiencies.
  4. Children who are regular breakfast skippers are likely to have problems with obesity and tooth decay.

Parents role in ensuring that kids start the day with having a nutritious breakfast:

  1. It is our duty as parents to be a good example and eat breakfast ourselves as kids tend to follow respective parents & look them as a role model.
  2. Living a busy & hectic lifestyles these days makes it easy for parents and kids to skip breakfast.
  3. So we have to make the effort each morning and start our day by eating proper breakfast, which should be nutritious and quick to eat every morning.

A proper nutritious breakfast can include:

1) Ready-to-eat cereal with reduced-fat milk (for children over 2 years old), yoghurt or fruits (whole / sliced).


2) Whole wheat toast or raisin bread with margarine (not butter) / peanut butter, fruit spreads or sliced fruits (apples / bananas).

3) Plain wholegrain muffin with eggs (not fried), baked beans, cooked mushrooms or tomatoes.

4) Fresh fruit with yoghurt

5) Fruit smoothies made with fresh or canned fruit (fruits and milk whirled in a blender).

6) Porridge with warm milk and stewed fruit

7) Pancakes with fresh fruit filling

8) Remember to have suitable drinks with breakfast. It is advisable to give reduced-fat milk if the child is over 2 years. Fruit juice should be limited to one small glass a day.

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    I agree. You know, in any diet for reducing weight, everyone recommends a good breakfast. I like the pictures you have put. Also, I think Sarmilas idea of a bowl of cereal with flax seed is a great breakfast.

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