Kids Lunch Ideas – Multicultural Lunch Menu for Kids for this week

kids lunch ideasKids Lunches. Kids lunch menu ideas. For me, I am always lookig for those. So I thought I will start posting multicultural kids lunch menu ideas so that I can get ideas down and make it easier for me every morning. Please put in your thoughts and ideas. I would love new ones.

Day Snack Lunch
Monday Clementines/ Oranges Vegetarian hot dog or German Sausage with potato salad and wheat roll
Tuesday Apple Cinnamon Muffin Fajita spiced Chicken, Beans and Rice, Cheese
Wednesday Fruit Cup or grapes Carrot Sticks, Pasta with Alfredo Sauce and Broccoli
Thursday Crackers and Cheese Chicken in peanut butter sauce, Egg Noodles, Oriental vegetable stir fry
Friday Multi Grain Bagel Crisps or Bagels Pita points, Hummus Dip, Tomato and Cucumber Salad

The thing is, of course, that all kids dont eat everything. So feel free to choose or modify. I have tried to keep it seasonal, local and healthy where I can. Also, I dont like cooking for long periods, especially for lunch so I have gone in for things which are quick. For example, where I say oriental veggies, you can just take the oriental frozen veggies and steam it and add in a chinese kind of sauce.

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