Lactating Mother

The Lactation process begins in mother when the hormone Oxytocin is produced in response to the birth of a new born baby. Both uterine contraction and lactation process more or less begin simultaneously. The milk produce is primarily controlled  by the hormone Prolactine  which relies the length of the time baby gets milk from the breast.

Many women wonder if they should follow a special diet while they  feed.

                           Points to remember:

     1. A Well Balanced Diet is important For Mom’s health- Getting enough vitamins and nutrients is important because one need energy to meet the physical demands of caring a new born baby. Focus on eating whole grains, cereals, fresh fruit, vegetables, foods that contain plenty of protein, calcium, iron.

  2.Dieting While Nursing Is Fine, But Go Slow- Lose weight gradually (1-2 lbs a week) by combining a healthy low fat diet with moderate exercise , rapid weight loss releases toxins normally stored in the body fat into the blood stream, increasing the amount of these contaminants that wind up in the milk

 3.Limit Your Consumption Of Some fish- Canned light tuna, tuna steak(fresh or frozen)orange roughy, mackarel, grouper- these fish contain highest level of Mercury.

 4. Abstain from Alcohol- It enteres breast milk and can potentially harm the baby.

 5. Drink Plenty Of Water To Stay Well Hydrated- Body sheds excess fluid while breastfeeding .  Allow 8 oz of water or liquid a day to stay hydrated. Rule of thumb is to ”Drink to Thirst”–that is drink whenever you feel the need. Avoid Caffeine.

 6. Some Strong Foods May Make The Baby Irritable- Some common colic offenders are broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cow milk. Spices and oil should be checked in the food while nursing.

 7. Check Iron Levels – Continue with the prenatal vitamin mineral supplement which has extra iron while nursing. If your blood test reveals that iron level is low, doctor will recommend iron supplement instead. Strive to eat  a well balanced, varied diet.


                       meat, fish , chicken


                       nuts and legumes(lentil, baked beans, split peas)






  soymilk also fortified with calcium, look for a brand which includes 120mg ca/100ml soymilk


                     liver, chicken, fish

                    legumes, baked beans

                   nuts and dried fruit

                  green leafy vegetables

       Vegetarian mom-

          They can take legumes, egg, milk, cheese yogurt, whole grain breads and cereals, fresh fruit, fruit juice, fresh vegetables.

Always check with your dietitian to make sure  that your diet contains right amount of Kilojules(energy) and nutrients.

         For average nursing mom diet around 2700 calories is probably a good place to begin.

                               A Sample Diet Chart:-


     1 eggs boiled or poached

    2 slices whole grain toast with 2 teaspoons butter

   1 serving fruit or 1/2 cuo fruit juice or vegetable juice

   1 cup non fat milk



  Sandwich with 3 oz lean meat 1 bagel or 2 bread and 2 teaspoons of mayonnaise

  1 plate large salad with assorted veggies and low fat dressing

  1 cup low fat milk

  1 serving fruit


 Afternoon Snack:

  1 muffin with 1 tablespoon peanut butter

 1 cup tea

 1 serving fruit



 3 oz poultry

2 serving cooked vegetables

2 servings lentils or any other legumes

1 sweet medium potato

Before going to bed:

1 cup cooked oatmeal, 1 cup any kind cereal, 1/2 cup milk low fat.


     This is an one day chart, moms can select foods in exchanges, but watch the essential calories and all other nutrients, that makes total of arond 2700 calories..

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  1. Anonymous

    I like your diet chart, Sarmila. Thank you. Your diet charts are very doable

  2. Khushi

    Thank you very much for the diet chart. The mistake I was making was I think that I did not take a large enough afternoon snack and nothing before I slept. So maybe thats why I would have this feeling early everning that I was very hungry and I would eat up so much of a dessert or something like that.

  3. Khushi

    Also, I take a lot less dairy or calcium that you have suggested. I take calcium enriched juice and milk each one cup but I think I need to add more to that. I can only drink one cup milk as more does not suit me but maybe I can take cheese. This looks so good, I will print it out. Thank you!

  4. Anonymous

    yes, you can take some cheese with crackers, or grated parmasean over some brads or whatever.. try to take yoplaits(fruit base) or dannon yogurt with a pinch of sugar after the lunch, this will help you to keep fit as well as the Skin!!
    take some baby carrots and low fat dip in snack, or a toasted bagel ith 1 teaspoon low fat cream cheese, lemon juice any time is good if your little one doesn’t have any problem.. any concerns, let me know , or any exchanges you need, i can help you,, good luck in nursing!!

  5. Anonymous

    If you’re concerned about “contaminants in the milk,” breatfeeding may not be for you. Also it is not necessary to diet when nursing. The extra calories from the pregnancy supply to energy for milk production. Routine nursing–no bottles–is the best weight loss method. I wish my doctor knew more when I had my first child. If you gain 30-50 pounds and nurse 9-12 months, you’ll lose it all and may have to increase your calories.

    Also most everything you eat ends up in your milk. Yopu child may get indigestion from what you ate hours ago, like onions, garlic, tomatoes, etc.
    The LaLeche league is an excellent resource. I learned a lot from them!

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