Laptop Crunches

My laptop has gone bust!

Over the last few months I have become addicted to my laptop. Well, a tablet PC to be technically correct which I loved.

I guess as a Stay at Home Mom, its my way to connect to the outside world beyond activities with the babe. I check it in the morning. Twice a day (dont get time for more with the babe) and then again for quite a while at night. Night is when I catch up on emails and blog a bit or read other blogs and chat etc. One of those two times a day is to show babe some Youtube video he likes, and bribe him to come to nap. (so much for all the non third trim ambitions of never using bribes with babes). And the second is, well, just an addiction related puff.

I check the news – CNN, local and then some celebrity gossip. Ahem… a guilty pleasure I started indulging in after I stopped listening to the radio which would give me the latest on Brit and Pitt on my way back. Then I look up mysterious toddler and pregnancy ailments on occasion which I am sure are affecting the babe and me.

And then once the babe goes to sleep, if the husband is not working, he and I sometimes watch an episode or two of Frasier (our only dates!) or a movie we have rented on the laptop since I feel too lazy to waddle down to the family room where out little, old, very few inches wide and tall TV is kept.

But now all that is past. Last Friday and the husband and I sat to watch Frasier and the moment he plugged in the DVD drive (the tablet is too slim and elegant to have one), there it went. Bust. Halted.  We had to force a shutdown and my poor darling never recovered.

I tried all the non techie tricks to revive it – slap it, let it discharge, take out the battery, let it rest all night. The husband tried some more techie one. Now it opens only safe mode.

So this means, my computer time is limited to when I can sneak a few minutes from the husbands laptop. Maybe just check email. LIke right now when he has unsuspectingly left his laptop and has left the room.

Can I handle it? Dont know really, will keep you posted. Hopefully. In one or two lines I can sneak in.


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  1. Anonymous

    I am a laptop addict too. DOnt know what I would do if it shuts down one day

  2. Pry

    Hope you get a good one soon!!!

  3. joysree

    should not treat laptop as amachine.should handle more gently.wishing a speedy recovery

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