Last Day Dispatch from Summer Camp

So today was the last day of summer camp. It ended with an art show with the kids displaying their artwork and with some refreshments to boot. It was amazing to see what the kids had done – but more amazing at what they had learnt. The camp was all about paintings from all across the world – and my son knew all the countries, and what kind of paintings – he told me in Japan they do some paintings with real fish! And that there was an artish called Gaudi. This from a three year old. They made it fun at the camp – having a superhero go to each country each day. And I guess thats why they remembered.

But the best part was that he was so proud to be doing things on his own – like carrying his backpack, unpacking and having his snack and packing it up, going to the bathroom. Finishing his paintings.

I guess without my trying he is ready for preschool. Now comes the task of choosing one, which I am already late in.

Now I am lining my walls with the paintings, and am glad we did this little adventure. And as he is napping, I just cant help feeling he is growing up so fast.

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  1. Marjorie

    I am so glad he enjoyed. Thats the main point. You can also think of giving the paintings as gifts to people.

  2. Anonymous

    That sounds like a fun camp. I didnt think three year olds would like art camp but this one seems to have worked

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